Name: Maleena Mel 
Mentor: Mr. Best
Mentor Outside Of School : Molly Willow
Title: My Baby's Development 

  When I first started my capstone I wanted to show a part of my life, as a young teenage parent. I wanted tell a story, give some tips, and show first timer parents what I have gone through and what they would need to know. What I did was research many things I needed to know about a new born, the nutrition that the baby needs and what to do with a new born as a first timer parent. Some of the things that I did for my presentation was make a video of my baby’s development over the years from when he was born and till now at the age of one. For my self i had a lot of experience so when my baby was born i knew what to do. One good experience that i had was watching my baby sister when she was a baby. My mom thought me how to do things like changing the diapers, making the milk, bathing the baby, and what to do when they are sick. Ever since than i knew house to take care of a baby and watch a baby. By doing this project i have learned many things because i didn’t know how the babies development was, like how their brain function, how babies learn things, their behavior and nutrition. I hope by sharing my experience that people would learn how watch their first baby. 

Video Of My Product
Annotated bibliography