Malik Tlili Capstone

Malik Tlili
Mentor: Ms. Rami

For my capstone I decided to think outside of the box. The beginning of the 2nd quarter a guest speaker from the “Women’s way” organization inspired me to help make a change in the world starting with my community. My goal is to enlighten my community about sex trafficking in the US and heavily emphasize awareness of sex trafficking in Philadelphia. Before doing so I researched the topic and discovered a lot of newfound information. Sex Trafficking targets a specific group of individuals while creating an environment that surrounds the victim that makes it difficult for the victim to make their own decisions. I have decided to specifically enlighten the underclassmen with all of the new research I have found. On December 24, 2012 House Bill 235 mandated the advertisement of the Nation Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline. Since then I have printed out hundreds of flyers and distributed them to my community as well as informing them about the hotline and it's benefits. My senior capstone is to document how well a community can come together in order to achieve a goal of creating a safe environment for victims of sex trafficking.

Annotated Bibliography

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 Safe Horizon is an organization that provides alarming facts on sex trafficking in the U.S. It also provides a thorough description of what exactly sex trafficking is. This source is what framed the type of organization we would like to collaborate with.

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This source has interactive features that make you view sex trafficking in obscure ways. This source provided me with more personal stories and information on sex trafficking in America. I used these stories in the awareness presentation my partner and I are creating.

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This organization is the second largest enterprise in the Nation. It targets the most vulnerable victims (ranging from 4 – 19) and provides shelters and other essentials that these girls are deprived of. This source is incorporated into my final project to provide the sense of variety for change. This is one of many organizations that are conveniently available.

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This article is written on how women are “sold” all around the nation. It calculates how much on average these people make and how human trafficking has become so large in the black market. It provides statistics on how these women are taken out of society and given a price. This is just extra information for our presentation.

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Women’s Way is the organization we are going to partner with. It provides an advocacy program that overall empowers women. Women’s way also works with domestic violence (sex trafficking), which is what our capstone is heavily focused on. They provide clothing and other essential items that the victims of domestic violence (sex trafficking) lack.

Renata , Nicoulin. "The Victims." Polaris Project (2013): n.pag. A World Without Slavery. Web. 31 Jan 2013. <

This source provides inside stories from victims of sex trafficking. It includes how someone is targeted to the struggles of overcoming their obstacles. The stories from the Polaris Project acquire inspiration in the final presentation.

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This article discusses how Philadelphia must respond to the corrupt actions around us. Statistics show that law enforcements are not the first to respond to cases of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is popular in most common areas like restaurants, gas stations, and super markets. Philadelphia residents should be more aware and reporting what they see to the authorities.

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The Philadelphia Anti-Trafficking Coalition provides services to victims around the city of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Anti-Trafficking Coalition describes the misconception of sex trafficking and how it is modern day slavery. This organization is in partnership with Women’s Way where they create foundations to help victims in the city.

Dunn, Mike. "Philadelphia Officials Probing Problem Of Human Trafficking Here." PHILADELPHIA(CBS) (2012): CBS PHILLY. Database. 31 Jan 2013. <>.

This article is of the Philadelphia Official’s response to the rise of sex trafficking around the city. Many people around the city misunderstand the circumstances that women undergo. Also Philadelphia officials describe how to identify victims of sex trafficking and this incorporated into the final presentation.

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This article is of a local in Philadelphia who was convicted of allegedly raping and forcing an underage teen into sex trafficking. This article provides the story of the young girl and how high the rates of sex trafficking in Philadelphia. This will be used in our presentation to help reach to students to be aware.

D. Kristof, Nicholas, and Sheryl WuDunn. Half the Sky. New York: Little, Brown Book Group, 2010. Print.

Nicholas D. Kristof and his wife Sheryl WuDunn have first handedly experienced and viewed the issues/circumstances women in Asia and Africa go through. The Novel discusses the revolutionary actions taking place around the world such as Micro-credit. This Novel is what inspired the capstone as a whole.

Murtha, Tara. "For Americans in the Sex Trade, Still Little Hope Read more:

This article discusses the journey of 20 year old Mimi living in New York. She has struggled through the sex-trafficking enterprise in New York and she enlightens the property on the inside look of the victims in sex trafficking. This article was used to research the prospective of sex trafficking.

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This source discusses sex trafficking not only in Philadelphia, but across the nation as a whole. The article discusses statistics of the amount of victims both boys and girls. It also provides alarming information of advertisements that promote sex trafficking. This source was use in order to get more information on sex trafficking in the U.S.

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The NOVA organization provides a safe line for victims to call when in distress or in need of emergency. This network is a nationwide organization that provides hotlines and shelters for women and men to use. This source is used in the conclusion of our presentation where we will provide “options” for students to use.

Attorney Office, U.S. "Philadelphia Man Charged with Child Sex Trafficking ." Federal Bureau of Investigation (2012): n.pag. Philadelphia Devision. Web. 31 Jan 2013. <>.

The Philadelphia Division recently convicted Rashaad McIntyre for childe pornography and sex trafficking. This bust was very recent, occurring on December 14, 2012. This raises the awareness that this is happening in our own city with great stealth. This source is used to disprove the belief of sex trafficking occurring in areas around local families.