Mamadou Samassa Capstone

Through a period of about five months, I worked on remodeling my home basement. I started with cleaning out space than followed up by planning and budgeting the renovation project. I engaged in producing something that I have long hoped to complete since the summer of 2019. It includes creativity, labor, design, and, last but not least, engineering skills. Unfortunately, with the appearance of Covid-19, I had slow progress. I had the idea of putting forward a project that would benefit my family even after I leave for college. I wanted to leave behind something that my brothers can look up too. It’s the first time I ever did something like this, but I learned a lot from my thinking process. I learned that having a “finished product” and a finished product are two different things. One is putting in the work and being satisfied with the effort put in. While having a finished product is attempting to hit every point and being content with the outcome according to the effort put in.

Annotated Bibliography:

Capstone Remodeling  2020