Manners in Spanish

By Anthony Buchanico and Teige Dougherty
As with anything, you want to look nice and have manners. There are a couple ways to say thank you, you're welcome and excuse me in spanish. These are listed below.

Perdón - Excuse me (used when somebody's in the way)

Con permiso - Excuse me (trying to get attention)

Disculpe - Excuse me ( bumping into someone)

Gracias - thank you

Muchos gracias - much thanks

Mil gracias - many thanks

Denada - You're welcome

Pór Nada - You're welcome

No hay de que - You're welcome

Por favor - please

These phrases all mean the same so therefore it is your choice to pick which one you use (ecept for excuse me).  When using thank you I suggest using it depending on the situation. Having your life saved  is Mil gracias while just obtaining a penny should be gracias. Other then that everything else is just a matter of choice.

Teige buys Anthony a sweater.


Anthony: ¡Muchos gracias Teige!

Teige: Te tengo un Suéter.

Anthony: ¡Ay dios mios! Mil gracias Teige

Teige: No hay de que.


Teige: Happy birthday Anthony!

Anthony: Much thank Teige!

Teige: I got you a sweater.

Anthony: Oh my gosh Many thanks Teige!

Teige: You're welcome.