Marching Soles Shoe Drive

Capstone Flyer.001
Capstone Flyer.001
Please donate shoes to the Marching Soles capstone! There will be bins located on the second floor for the entire month of March. All proceeds will go to those in need via PlanetAid. If you have any questions please contact Mecca Sharrieff, at msharrieff@scienceleadership.orgThank you!


1) Can I donate just one shoe? Sure can!

2) Can I donate heels? Yup! Any shoe, any size. 

3) Where do proceeds go to? Planet Aid is an awesome organization that packages the donations and separates them based on quality. Those of a higher grade go to thrift stores in less fortunate countries. The lesser grade shoes/clothes are 'fixed' and then sent to disaster relief victims or others in need.