Marteena Johnson: Capstone

My project is focused around creativity through writing and showcasing my own as well as my peers work. Through my time working on my capstone I cultivated many ideas for ways to make these stories accessible to the community. I created a website where the collection of short stories will live. I also created a short video/documentary featuring two of my writers and asking them about what they love to do. In my process I have collaborated with some of my peers and teachers to help make this project come to life. Writing is something I am invested in, and is one of the things I want to continue to work on. Not only making my writing better but working with other writers to help them do the same. In my time at SLA my writing has grown significantly since freshman year. I know more about writing now, leaving high school, than I did coming into high school.  

Website for Short Stories: 


I chose this site because it lists useful sources and gives the basics on self publishing. How to price an e-book, and platforms available to publish e-books on.

Smashwords is one of many platforms where you can publish an e-book for free, and also publish through other places like ibooks.

The Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker

This book/pdf is a guide on formatting your e-book using microsoft word so that its ready for publishing on Smashwords. This will help me later during my publishing process.

This is a short article on how to cut back on how much is taken out of what you make when publishing a book. I chose this because it gives a sense of other ways you can self publish without the extra cost.

Amazon’s self publishing program lets you pick a genre to put you book in and publish it in the kindle bookstore. Its a great way for self publishing authors to become know. This is my ideal choice for publishing but I have other options in mind if this one doesn’t work for me.

A step by step guide on the basics of creating a short story. I chose to use this as a referance when writing.

These are some tips on writing fiction that I found very helpful even though they’re for writing a novel can also be applied to short stories.

Since I like to write fantasy as well as fiction I found this helpful considering when writing fantasy it can get a little unorganized. This is just a source with tips on writing fantasy and how to develop characters and environment and all the creative aspects of your story.

A long list of great writing prompts to help get a short story going. The personal challenge ones were helpful.  I choose this source because I love writing prompts and they help me when I have writers block.

I used this source as a reference for what elements a short story should have.