Martha Robles Descriptive Essay : )

Dreams Lost At An Instant

    Its September 8 2008 and it’s the second day of school except for me its my first, it also happens to be the day after my cousin’s Norieliz funeral. As I enter through the double doors of the main entrance the voices of rowdy kids talking to the friends they had made the day before around me seem to disappear and the picture of the lights of doom coming our way and throwing us to the side of the road replays in my -mind and I feel like I don’t belong here while she is gone.

     The weekend before 8th grade began will forever in my mind remain as the weekend my life changed. I gained knowledge but in return I lost someone important to me. Aliana one of my closest cousins from my moms’ side invited me to a cookout her friend was having to say goodbye to the summer before school started. Having nothing to do and over hearing our conversation she wanted to join us and fist pump until the sun came up like she use to say. My diary as I use to call her would sure make that night was memorable.

    I remember giving her that name during a summer swim at her house. We had been talking about our life’s and catching up for the whole two weeks we hadn’t seen each other when I said you might as well be my diary and ever since then that named stayed to her and that’s what she was in my mind and her mind as well. Out of everyone in my life she was the one that I could sit for hours and tell her anything and everything and she could sit with me for hours and not judge me, give me good advice, and let me know I wasn’t alone. She was the only person in my life whom I was sure I could always count on, the only one I could cry with, laugh until our stomachs hurt with and act like a total weirdo with and still feel comfortable. She was more then just a cousin to me. She was my diary.

    After Norieliz had already said yeah to the idea of spending our last official weekend of summer vacation at a cookout something came up. We all were willing to go but we didn’t have anyone to drive us there and drive us back home. As we sat outside on the porch looking into the tress of the suburbs of Atco, New Jersey my cousin oldest cousin Joshua came in the driveway. We all looked at each other and ran to ask him if he was willing to go with us. At first of course he said no I have better things to do but after a while he gave up to three sets of puppy eyes staring at him and sarcastic remarks being made over his favorite show family guy on a Thursday afternoon.

    That Saturday night was quite interesting. We all had tons of fun. The food had been good and the strangers we met soon became friends. We all felt right at home and felt like we had known everyone before. When we noticed it getting late we all decided it was time to leave and head home to watch a movie and chill for the rest of the night. We said our good byes our call me or hit up my inbox and were on our way to Joshua’s Red Expedition which he had bought a month ago from my dad.

    As Joshua was pulling out his keys I tried to run for the front door but of course like always Norieliz beat me to it. For some reason their always had to be an argument over who sat in the front when it came down to her or me. We knew it was childish and immature but it was something that had always been with us and it was hard pushing a routine to the side of the road and abandoning it there like a lost sad puppy. Of course after a while we annoyed Joshua and Aliana who sat in the back with an annoyed look on her face which made her look like a little girl that didn’t get her way with her parents. So Joshua said come on get in the car and whoever got their first get in the front. This time it went her way as I walked away with a smirk on my face and her making fun of me like a little girl at the playground that had beat her classmate to the swing. She sat put her seatbelt on and in no longer then five minutes we had already reached the highway home. As we reached our first intersection and red light we all laughed at each other’s jokes on other drivers. When that light turned green and we were halfway thought the intersection I turned to see a big white f150 truck coming our way at full speed. In an instant those laughs turned into eyes of disbelieve and screams.

    Before I could scream the F150 had hit the left side of the truck and the truck spun to the left side of the road. It all happened in an instant. I felt my head hit the back of the seat and hit the front seat. I heard Aliana and Norieliz scream at the same time their screams felt like my ears were being stung by a thousand bees. I heard people screaming get them out but after a while they faded and all was silent .The sound of distant sirens made me realize that this wasn’t a dream but a nightmare considering all the pain I felt. As they got closer I yelled at all 3 of them that help was here and yelled desperately but no one answered. I didn’t know what to do until I finally felt Aliana touch my hand. She wasn’t strong enough to talk but she let me know she was ok. When the paramedics got there they took Aliana and me out first and took us to the hospital. All I wanted to know was if Joshua and Norieliz were going to be ok. As the sirens pulled away the image of the accident came back my eyes felt heavy and I couldn’t take the pain of the left side of my face, which was pretty swollen, and I drifted into what seemed like eternal sleep.

    When I finally woke up I was laying in a hospital bed with both my parents and my big brother Carlos. My mom crying being held by my dad at the left side of my bed and Carlos holding onto my hand on the opposite side. He held it as if it would be the last, like he never wanted to let go of me. As I opened my eyes I remembered what happened. My mom as fast as a new mother trying to find what was wrong with her crying baby came to my side and hugged me. It should have been comforting but it was painful. She kissed my cheek but it was bruised from the impact and it hurt like the pain of getting punched by the bully at the playground. I tried to tell her I was fine but it hurt to even try to talk. She told me it was ok and stepped back just as the nurse came in to check on me.

    As soon as she touched my head it hurt the pain was unbearable and I felt like those skinned knees I got as a kid were nothing but a simple scratch compared to the pain I felt now. She checked and said I had a bump on the back of my head and that the doctor would be looking at it. When she was done and left I asked if everybody else was ok, pausing after each word to sooth the pain. All was quite until my dad spoke up and said Norieliz is watching up from above now. As soon as those words flowed through the air and hit me all I could do was ask why and cry.

    Just as that happened both Joshua and Aliana came in and stood at either sides of my bed they looked at my once smiling face and hugged me. Standing there I could hear her tell me it would be fine and that she wouldn’t ever leave my side. We all had been left with a permanent scar. At that point none of our injuries really matter as much as loosing her did. Not Joshua’s stitched up eye or Aliana’s broken arm and glass cut once flawless face. As that was happening my mom handed me the picture frame with her once smiling face. That picture frame with the beautiful sun descending into its cave until the next morning. The picture frame that showed the crashing waves against her bare toes and her perfect smile glistening like the North Star. As we all stared endlessly at the frame we realized she was watching over us because we had all made it, maybe injured but we would be fine. What happened that night had left permanent scars of lost but we now more then ever valued our families and the people surrounding us.