Matty Mcallister

I am your typical boring fifteen year old Emma. I was going to have the courage to talk to Matty Mcallister... or maybe not. I rethink that thought, while Matty flips his perfect brown curled hair. I stare into his green hazel eyes. We exchange eye contact, as his pearly whites peer through that cheeky smile of his. He ran his hands through his hair as he smiled at the ground, I knew he was nervous. Every time Matty did that, he was nervous about something, but what? It couldn't be me, could it? But he was still looking at me. He wasn't looking behind me, he was looking at me! I swear I wasn't hallucinating, or was I? I was starting to question myself. A lot. It's not like Matty would ever like me. I wasn't his type, whatever his type actually even was. Besides he can’t like me after what I did to him in 8th grade. 

It was boring summer day, at Camp Deer Park, and no the park didn’t have deers. I was forced to go to because my mom wanted me to get out of the house. Or because she wanted a summer alone with my dad. Either way life could not possibly suck more than it did that summer. I got these major cramps, and no they were not girl cramps. That week I’ve never been more miserable. I felt sick and wanted to go home, but my mom obviously did not want to pick me up. Because I was feeling sick my idiot counselor suggested that I feed myself to the point where I could no longer feel my stomach. There he was, Matty Mcallister sitting right across from me, devouring his food and still managing to look hot as hecking heck. Then there was me, feeling even more worst about myself because of all that fatty oily food that filled inside me. I ran as fast as I possibly could, the next thing I knew there was puke all over Matty Mcallister's shoes. We started at each other for a good 5 seconds, before I ran back into my cabin as tears streamed down my face. I wanted to die. Well not literally, but I didn’t want to face Matty, especially after what I did. Yep, so that’s the embarrassing story of how I puked on Matty Mcallister. He was still staring at me as I snapped back to reality. Could a popular guy like Matty Mcallister, like a loser like Emma Brinley?!