Maysa's Remix Slide

These are most of the things that I like or enjoy doing.

From the critique to my slide I made a lot of mistakes. I learned that I should not use slanted front and to make my text bold. My pictures and my background was two different colors so it clashed. I used a lot of pictures so the slide looked cluttered and not balanced. I didn’t really include the research that I found from the websites in my slide.

I made the made the changes to make my slide look more pleasing to look at. I used a lot  less pictures and change my background to just white so the pictures and the background didn’t clash or be distracting. I changed my font from slanted to straight so my slide could be comprehended. I chose to make my slide bold so it could be seen from a far distance too.

The research helped me to make a better slide because it said to make the text big and  bold and that’s what I did. I also tried to make it look more billboard like so it could grab people’s attention and to make the pictures bleed. The source I used was Presentation Zen.