Me and the World- The Energy Crisis

The worlds is in the middle of an energy problem. We don't have enough of it! The world consumes to much energy to fast. The chart below shows current energy usage (dark blue) from 1990-Now and what it is expected to be (orange) up until 2035. 
In 1990 the world used 355 Quadrillion Btus. By 2035 it is expected that the world will be using 739 Quadrillion Btus. The world energy usage level has increased by an average of 1.4% each year since 1990. By the way, 1 Btu is equal to 0.29307107 watt-hours. Even though that may seem small a quadrillion is 16 zeros.
The problem is that the renewable energy sources out there is that they are costly to set up and people don't like change. Many people also don't have faith in how useful these energy sources are. That is why I am posting these blogs. I want to let people know how serious the energy crisis is and the ways that we can fix this.
People are to afraid of change to what can help save the world and also make electricity cheaper just because it would cause job losses. Renewable energy doesn't have a lot of jobs that it needs besides maintenance.
World Energy Consumption

EIA - 2010 International Energy Outlook - World Energy Demand and Economic Outlook