Me and The World- The Energy Crisis #3

I don't like the way the energy crisis is going. We are going to run out of the coal and natural gas that the earth to hundreds of years to make. We need a new source of energy that is renewable and doesn't take the earth hundreds of years to make. I propose that we use either Solar Power, Wind Power or Hydro Power. Each of these energy sources have Pros and Cons.

​Solar vs. Hydro vs. Wind

Solar power is can be used almost any where and isn't that difficult to maintain. he system will also last for a very long time and it is silent so it won't mess with its environment. The problem is that Solar Power is not cheap to set up. It is very costly, and finding a good position for it is also difficult. There is a varying in power output and will probably require a large battery bank (place to store the energy) since Solar power can't operate at night.

Hydro is great because it is the lowest cost per wattage and has a predictable annual energy output. The system also has low maintenance and can be made unobtrusive. Hydro power is difficult to find a good location for and parts will wear out easier and require more maintenance. It also can be costly to set up and damages the surrounding area.

Wind power has cheap energy cost and also has a predictable out put of energy. The problem is, that it is very expensive yo put turbines up and it is difficult to place them in places because of their size.It is also a hazard to birds and people object to the tower aesthetically.
Solar Alaska