ME Magazine

The whole idea of my slide is to describe me and my life. It's the main focus therefore I put the title in the middle of the slide and chose subtle contrasting colors so that it is the first thing you look at but doesn't also give you a headache. When you see my picture you will associate my name with it and that will tell you what I look like The size of the pictures are relative to their "importance" in my life. Music is a very important part of my life therefore it's one of the larger pictures. My love for animals is also a huge part of my life. I love dogs and my favorite breed is the husky, which is why I chose a picture of a husky puppy to represent that aspect of my personality. The picture of the shoes represents my passion for shoes. The picture of shoes I have there represent my favorite type of shoe the stiletto heel in my favorite color which is black. My favorite food is chocolate and I could go for some at any time. However, my life doesn't revolve around my love for chocolate, so it is one of the smaller pictures in my slide. The butterfly represents my nickname within my family. They call me butterfly because I'm beautiful but I go through life without a  care and I don't pay too much attention to my surroundings. 
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