Me magazine slide #2 -Vivian Pham

ME  magazine in one sLide
Something that I learned through the critique from my fellow classmates is that in the previous slides, the color and contrast schemes wasn't really eye catching or uses the technique of glance media very much. Sure, it had the pink color to distract the person who sees the slide or if it were to be on a billboard in the middle of a highway. And along with trying to make the theme more appealing, the color of the text in my old slide was pretty plain and boring and also pretty jumbled up. The text color was all black and some letters were bolded for specific reasons, and that's pretty plain considering the background was white and the text was white. And along with the text being a problem, my initial idea was to put words within words like a letter in a word could also fit in another word with the same letter and I learned from the critique that it made it really confusing. 
I made quite a lot of changes to the new slide, I changed the whole theme of the slide like the colors are different from before. Before it was just white and pink which were pretty subtle and simple tones. I changed it into a brighter color which is yellow and the blue complimented the yellow and the colors don't clash either and I also changed the style change as well. And I took out a picture that didn't really make sense with the colors of the whole slide in general and separated the pictures so that they weren't so close to each other. And as for the text I kept the text all black because I didn't want to overcomplicate the colors so I didn't want the text to be all different colors that wont match the background. I also boxed al of the words and letters with a white banner so that it was easier to see and I boxed my name as well so that the text was all boxed and not just some.