Me Magazine Tech Slide- Miranda Sosa

My slide represent some parts of me. The background is a chalkboard to add texture to the slide. By adding texture it gives you a sense of something real. I used that font, because it makes it look like its actual chalk on the board.  I have in the center “Family” because I love my family and they mean a lot to me. It’s in big font, so everyone can see. It’s bigger than the other words because it means the most to me. The 2 cities at the top are places I grew up, smaller because they don’t mean as much as family. But in all caps because they are important to me. The flowers are there to add a pretty appearance, also to show symmetry. The basketball and cat are black to contrast the white lettering. They are also there to create a sense of symmetry just more loose. The basketball and cat are two of my favorite things. Lastly the pictures represent my twin sister because she means the world to me and made me who I am today.

Elements in my slide:

  • Symmetry in the slide

  • Chalkboard background to add texture

  • Color/Font of words

  • Pictures add color

  • Black contrasts white

  • The scaling/ framing like where everything is placed

Elements I researched that are not in my slide:

  • Repetition (Get one point across)

  • Transparency(Adds more effect)

Drafts for Tech Slide