Me Slide

-I made a slide about me using the information from the sources Ms. Hull gave my class. 
-After reading the presentation zen article, I realized that I had to resist the urge to put a lot of text so I wouldn’t give my audience cognitive overload
-It also taught me that strong contrast is good for making things pop out, so I used black, the darkest value color, for the background and white, the lightest value color, for the stormtrooper and my name
-I also researched the rule of thirds because it was a little confusing. It meant that if the slide were to be split into 3 by 3 squares, you would place important things on the intersections of those boxes. I used the rule of thirds to figure out the best spot to put my stormtrooper.
-Before reading the sources, I thought I knew how to make a good slide. It turns out I was wrong and I will use what I learned from it on all my future projects.