Media's Idea of 'Perfect': Change Now !

Hello, it’s me again, Kennedy. I’m here today for my Post for Change, my third post about media’s impact on young girls. I’ve posted twice before, with Media’s Idea of ‘Perfect’ and Media’s Idea of ‘Perfect’ 2. In my previous posts, I blogged about the effects of airbrushing in fashion magazines had on teenage girls, leading to all types of eating disorders. Girls strive to be perfect, or close to it. Many girls look at a celebrity in a magazine with unrealistic proportions and thin bodies. The media worships these girls and praise them for being perfect, even though they’re not real and everything is Photoshopped or airbrushed.

In this blog post, I am sharing what I’m presently doing to change this issue and correct it. Currently, I am looking into making a petition to stop airbrushing in magazines. Many people have made and signed petitions, but I'll still make one to get my voice heard. I'll have a link up soon when I make the petition. I want everybody to sign and be apart of my change.

Also, I want to email the petition to certain magazine editors to ask them to change their ways and to inform their photo-takers to watch what they do to these models and celebrities. 


Heres a video I made:

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