Media Fluency


Technology is a huge part of my life from my phone even when it comes to my laptop. Some of the thing that influenced the things in this slide were the most important things in my life.These things also have to do with some of the most important accomplishments in my life.

Swimming has been really important to me for the past six years. I have won 3 of my 4 meets. And it just so happened that my coach was a lifeguard coach also. Therefore this coming February, I get to take the lifeguard test. This will be a great accomplishment for me, for the future.

My dad can be really, a lot.  It took a long time but I feel that I have been able to build a really strong relationship with him. Although he constantly annoys me, I still answer to him and love him as my dad. I honestly don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for who my dad is. He’s always been there for me in my life even in “bad times”.

Last, but especially not least, comedy has been a huge part of my life. It has opened lots of doors for me. Making people in general is just another passion for me. Although, people don’t understand my jokes (half of the time they just don’t want to admit that I’m funny) I still try to make people laugh because, it’s what I love.

I didn’t really learn much from this project, because of other media fluency classes that I have taken similar to this. Yet, something that I did learn, is getting inspiration from thing as simple as store signs. I learned about some of the things that make a sign intriguing. Things like typefaces, colors, fonts, sizes, and even grammar and wording. The way that all of these things look affect the way that someone interprets your presentation.