Media Fluency

    I put my name in the middle of the page because this whole slide shows who I am and shows a few important things that make me who I am and show how I see the world or what has a lot of meaning to me. I only put a few images on it because I did not want it to be too overwhelming to look at. If the images were larger it would distract from the meaning of the slide. I made the text small for the same reason. All of these images equal meaning to me and what makes me a unique individual and that is I did not make one images too much larger or more powerful than another. I tried to make mine look like a canvas because that’s what I would be if I did not have any of these images, a blank canvas.The point of this is that I started as a blank canvas that can be turned into whatever you make it.

     When I had to make revisions the first thing that I made sure to do is get rid of the picture of the bears because it was a bit distracting and did not fit in. Since I wanted to make it as simple as possible I balanced the two images, one on the top left, the other in the bottom right. I made sure to put my name in the exact middle. I made both of the images better and include bleeding.

Who I am