Media Fluency~

Untitled presentation

I decided to make my slide pretty simple, because I was pretty confused and the websites kept saying that less words with bigger font was the way to go. I cut of about half of my original words, and just went with a medium amount. Apparently this is still too much, but i can revise it eventually. The little rhyme/ song i wrote a while ago for my instagram bio. It literally states what I meant and was feeling. the background was originally a color, but I wanted to have a picture as well. So, I decided to use an artsy photo that I really liked. This photo reminded me of a little island. Now onto the next topic! From the websites looked at, I learned that contrasting was important. Contrasting is taking whatever the message was or the item being sold and making it stand out more, while having the background compliment the item. I had to make sure that the text wasn’t overpowered by the background colors, which was happening before I changed the picture. I also learned about empty space. I hate leaving awkward spaces, so I had to learn how to make the slide..attractive. Because I used these rules my slide turned out much better than I thought it would.