Media Fluency

Me Slide

Why did you make the slide the way you did?

The primary goal for me was to make sure that the picture being displayed would capture the attention of an audience,but would also clearly state the message I am trying to deliver. Makes things happen was put as the message and it means that you should not wait around for people to give you an opportunity or to just wait thinking that something will just happen. You have to go out there and do it yourself. My picture is supposed to represent the spark that begins the journey that you take on the way to your goal. You have to be the spark that ignites what is your life. The text is in large letters at the bottom so that you can see the picture in its entirety,but also notice what is being said. Because the background is primarily black, I chose to make the letters white so that they could stand out. The word happen is most important and it should stand out most so I made it red. The overall point was to connect an interesting eye catching picture with my message while making them balance each other out and over shadow one another.