Media Fluency

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Why did you make the slide look the way it does?
I made this slide the way it is because i wanted to make it unique and appealing. When we went over the “Presentation Zen Link” it said to make it bleed, make the word big, and the color should pop out. After that, i learned new ways to make the slide better in ways i never imagine i could and that what i did. I made the picture bleed of the slide and the word in all kind of fonts and different colors to make it pop up. I wanted the audience to see it and know what i mean by the quote and see do you relate.

What influenced your decision making?
The influence that made me make it this way is when you you show us that link, you went over it and taught us things which encourage me to make it have these thing such as making it bleed, making the word big, making it pop out. You gave us advice which helped me find idea of what to do to make it better. I used those and made it the way it is as shown in the picture above. I also found a link that gave me some tips on blogging for beginner. in this link it said write like you talk. This help me influenced my writing by making the words be like it is talking.