Media Fluency

Me Magazine- Sarah Son (2)
Hello everyone, my name is Sarah! I based my slide off of my me magazine. In my me magazine, I wrote about my cousin, photography, and Studio Ghibli films. I added pictures of my cousin and I, a polaroid camera, and Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro, a famous Studio Ghibli film. So today I am going to show you what I put together in my slide. After looking at Presentation Zen, I got some inspiration. I took their idea of the picture “bleeding.” In other words, I made some pictures out of the frame of the slide. This is to make people interested and easy to find out about what that person is trying to show. For the fonts, I made them different and funky to show my personality, they are in different sizes as well. They are different colours, just to make it look fancy and stand out. I learned that adding different colours, shapes, and sizes makes it interesting and more fun.