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I made the slide the way it looks because well, it describes exactly who I am like when I put lines connecting to one big idea which is passion. Also the values of my color is mostly light blue which generally gives a cheery and happy vibe. I added the clouds  and rainbow to show what the inside of my mind is like. I also added the charlie chaplin quote to show that I like to laugh and have a good time because,”A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Also I added shapes that are either rectangular or square to clearly identify what my passions are. The space of the slide is generally positive from having fun playing video games to getting inspiration from playing my sweet trumpet. My endnote is this I just like to get good grades and have fun.

I'm Charles Langley and I approve this message.

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Assirem Hosni (Student 2020)
Assirem Hosni

I understand that you decreased the amount of pictures that were on the first slide although. something that I believe is that the background has no meaning especially the sky on the right-hand corner.