Media Fluency

The purpose behind my slide is simple really. I'm organized, but I like to be messy. I like to change the way my words are facing. I like to give things color and leave things bland. When it comes to the pictures: I have a sketchpad because there are times where I'm so bored that it inspires me to draw. I'll draw people, cartoons, logos, nature, whatever comes to me at that moment in time. A picture of Bruno Mars is up there because he will always be my "husband". I've loved his music since day one and am a die hard "Hooligan". He's a big part of my life. I have a picture of a present and it says "quince" inside. I just turned 15 and had my quinceanera. In the latin culture, that was my transition in life from a girl to a woman. I have a picture of a pug with the word "pugly" above it because I have 3 pugs at home and they're ugly but know how to be cute at the same time. The words I have represent me and how I am or what I like. And that's about it.


​New Reflection: As I created this slide I paid more attention to the presentation zen ideas and the critiques I heard in class. This time I have a completely different slide and kept everything simple. I used the idea of bleeding with the flag in the background. I contrasted the red with with white when it came to my name (I sampled the same color from the white stripes). I have one big visual in the back (the flag) and my name would be the glance media. I also used big font again.
New Media Fluency