Media Fluency

Me slide- Cristina Valenzo


Blue Stream

When you first look at my slide you will see a image of the mexican and american flag in the form of two hands forming a heart. In the center of this image is the word “unity” . Then, when you look to the the left in the upper left corner you see the image “class of 2020” and finally when you look in the right lower corner you see my name in bright bold red colors, Cristina. “Why did I decided to design my one slide this way” You may ask?  Symbolism as well as the research I did on ‘“slide design and presentation” played a major role in the design and overall finished product. First off, for the background I decided to use the image of the two hands with the Mexican and American flag forming a heart because it symbolized me and how I represented myself and also because it represented my dream,  that one day these two great nations can come together. In addition, I made my background that image because it didn’t have words so it was a quick catch to the eye and it contrasted other colors in the slide. In the slide I also included the word “ unity” in the middle of the heart , I bolded it , made it black and big. I did this to send out my message , where someone driving by could easily look at it and get an idea of “unity”and keep that in the back of their mind. The second image I included in this slide was a image that read “class of 2020” I put this in the upper left corner to follow the rule of thirds, so the eye could quickly go there and see that image first. I did this so that the public or whoever is seeing my slide would know that my education comes first, it's before anything. I also made it semi translucent to symbolize that my education is also embedded into my heritage and who I am, to show people that I can make it no matter where I come from or who I am. The last thing I added to this slide was my name in the lower right corner , I made it bright, bold and big. I made it this way so that it was quick and easy to spot with the eye and also to repeat the colors in the background and create a theme. The symbolism behind it was that I wanted it to represent me, I am very bright and bold, I like standing out and being the center of attention. That is what makes me who I am.