Media Fluency- Lily Rivera

Media Fluency-Me Mag. Slide
I originally got the idea for my slide when I kept seeing the words simple, big, to the point, and short repeated often in the articles I found when researching for this assignment. The samples of the Ikea billboards on Presentation Zen were a big inspiration for my slide. Basically what I got from the articles that I read was to not have any unimportant details, just give the main idea and be straight to the point. I chose to display the title of my Me Magazine because it really does the job of summing up my slide in one short sentence..while also not giving enough information for the viewer to really know what my magazine is about. This will most likely make them want to know more about it and therefore pay more attention to me when I’m talking about it (the magazine). For my slide, I decided to use 4-5 of the 8 lessons from Presentation Zen. The first one I decided to incorporate was, “(1) Make it visual,” which states, “Slides are visual aids, not ‘text aids’...” Using this lesson, along with numbers 2, “One slide, one point,” and 3, “Make text big,” I decided to make the two main focuses of my slide a picture of myself (visual) and the title/main idea of my magazine (big text). Together, they give my slide that ‘one point’ aspect. Lastly, I chose the background color and the text color with the contrast lesson in mind to really make the bright colors in my picture and the color of the text stand out.