Media Fluency-Darlenny Rodriguez

Untitled presentation
I decided to make my slide look like this because I wanted a really inspirational quote that also had to do with singing because that is what I enjoy doing on my free time. The thing that mainly influenced my decision making was how my classmates kept telling me stop singing and then it hit me, I should do my slideshow about singing. I was going to do the fact that I am from the Dominican Republic but I had already used that previously and I wanted viewers to get to know me a bit better. On my first slide I put a picture of nature and on it was a quote by Maya Angelou that read “A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” This quote is not only beautiful in it’s simplicity, but it sends a powerful message that we should not work so hard to find the beauty in today, but enjoy that today is here and tomorrow is bound to come. This quote is really inspirational and is tied back to singing, something I enjoy doing.