Media Fluency-Lily Rivera

Media Fluency-Me Mag. Slide
From the critique of my slide, I was able to learn a little more about how people see billboards and what affects how they see them. I saw the things about my slide, as well as other's, that people thought were pleasant to the eye. I was able to see the things that people thought made a good sign/billboard. It was a very beneficial project, in my opinion at least, because the things we learned can also be applied to presentations in other classes.
To go about changing my slide, I took a lot of the critique that I got from the class, and applied it into the second version of my slide. I was able to darken my photo a little, by changing the gradient, and getting rid of the harsh line that separates the picture from the text. I also changed the spacing of my words on the side by putting them each in their own separate text box. By doing that, I was able to get almost-even spacing between each word. I saw how this did change how I viewed the slide, I personally think that even that small of a detail can make a rather large difference.