Media Fluency by Tenzin Chemi

Using slides is a good way to do presentation. Its easy and simple. But there are certain ways of making it attractive and understandable to others. You have to put some thoughts into it, to make it look great, to make people just glence at it and understand the idea. To do this you have to make things big and bold, add pictures and contrast colors. In my tech class, we have been learning about how to create slides that are appealing. We were looking on websites that gave us tips and pionters on what a good slide looks like. This was a great way to learn and have great ideas to make a slide. Then we started making our own slides. A good, understadable, interesting, slide that people will actually like to look at. 

Colors are the first thing people notice. So for my slide, I made the colors contrast and they also have repetition in it. These designs makes the readers be able to look at it quick and know whats there and understand it. Also, I wrote quick short words to explain a little of what the slide was about. My slide is a glance media, a reader will be able to undertand the idea within three seconds after looking at it. It’s unique and I made it catchy, by using big bold words and simple pictures. I used big and bold word on my disply because it helps grab attention and it also helps with guiding the viewer’s eyes. I made two of my words slanted as you can see in it, because the letters its self is a design, to make the slide different and memorable. A general principle I used for my slide is not adding to much text and having empty space. I used this principle because if theres a lot of text, the reader will instantly look away once they see it. My slide includes only one main point, so the theme is understood. 

In conclusion, using slides helps pass messages across. It shows a visual and helps remember things better. Big and bold texts with images, many empty space and color contrast ect. These tips that I learned and used in my slide are good ways to do a presentaion. Its important to have these things. I also enjoyed making this slide that I did and I learned a lot about making slides. Next time, I am able to use all these special tricks to help me with what i’m doing, like if i was making a poster for persuading people to buy cookies that I’m selling, I could use these information. This information will also come in handy with my own class presentation. I am very glad that I learned about all of this. My design on my slide shows some of the awesome things that I learned.


As you can see the difference from my first slide to the next one, I want to talk about what and why I made the changes I made. Though I didn’t get to go up to present my first slide and get constructive criticism about it. I still feel that I have a lot to change on my first slide. I learned more and more as each of my classmates went up to present. Each of them had lots of similar problems that I had also made on my slide. Since I didn’t get to go up, I started to give constructive criticism to myself, so that I could improve my slide to make it a great “glance media” slide. The first thing I changed was making the words bolded. Then, I really wanted to change the fact that my slide had lots of things on there. So I thought about it for a while trying to get an Idea. I looked through the google images. I saw a picture of a stick figure family. I looked at it and I knew it be perfect fitting into my slide. The contrast was there, the image wasn’t extra small that the pixels would be seen if made larger. The meaning I wanted was there, “family.” It was obvious. 

I changed where my bolded name was, so that people slide their eyes through the letters. Once they see one part of the name, the first one or the last, they’ll see the other part. I made my heart sign and name really big. Then I added my stick family picture on to the slide. I made it larger and larger. I did instant alpha on the background of the family picture so that I don’t over lap the black part on any of my other things. On the other slide, I had family, country, and friends. I decided to erase the country and friends part because I didn’t really want to focus on more than one thing on my slide. Also because when you have a lot of things together on one page, people can’t just look at it once and understand the idea. Sometimes people just don’t even look at it because its a lot of things on there. This was kind of how I had mine for the first slide. It wasn’t as interesting and glance media type as I thought it was. Now, I understand what I did wrong. My new slide is a lot more fascinating and there a lot of the things that are in it that is required to have a great slide. 

Me Slide
Me Slide 2