Media fluency reflection (Mike Ing)

Tech Class (2)
When I went up to present my slide I was a bit nervous but prepared myself, especially since we were set up to fail. And yes it did happen and most of the critiques I was given I did expect. So If I were able to redo this project over again I would 1. Make sure the colorization of the slide was correct and also make sure there was no digital errors in colorization or pixelization. My slide was originally intended to be orange but then came out to be red but I did not really care since either color would have worked anyways. Also something else that I messed up on was the fact that when choosing a picture to put for my background it came out a little pixelated which was not intended. If I were to redo this I would find a background with more detail so when I were to enlarge it, it won't pixelize. Also another error I made was that I tried to make the Image cut off and ended up doing so for no logical reason, I cut off the logo and it interfered with being able to see the picture.