Media Fluency Slide by Nick Ryan

Media Fluency Slide by Nick Ryan
Nick Ryan
Blue Stream

Slide Script

1. First, I created a slide and named it "Media Fluency Slide".
2. Secondly, I changed the theme from Simple White to Simple Black.
3. Thirdly, I changed the font to Anton.
4. Then, I typed the words "Step out of your comfort zone".
5. Then, I centered the words in the middle of the slide.
6. Finally, I underlined all the words and put the word "zone" in a bold font.

The purpose of doing this was to make my slide simple, eye catching, and clear. I did not want to add pictures or a lot of words because they are not what my overall message of my "Me Magazine" is. All those words and pictures were going to take the viewers' eyes away from what I am really saying. All of my experiences that I wrote about in my "Me Magazine" happened because I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I want others to receive this message and do the same.