Mekhi Granby Capstone

​Through various design ideas and layers of paint, I spent Senior year perfecting my passion, taking risks,  and expressing emotions through art onto wearable canvases. I painted several pairs of sneakers from different brands to encourage individuality and stand out from the norms of the sneaker world. I filmed the process of two pairs from start to finish with my makeshift camera setup for others to get an idea of what goes into my work. To gain more experience and practice I interacted with multiple entities to fulfill commissions by investing time, energy, and creativity into crafting eye-catching footwear. I had no problem drawing inspiration from outside sources to create original and durable projects. Documenting the process on film gives viewers a first-hand look at everything that goes into forming a work of art. Meaningful poems I’ve written throughout the year accompany images of my creations that serve as a glimpse into my mind and emotions. Learning painting techniques, marketing strategies, and how to capture better photos are just a few things I spent most of my time doing alongside experimenting with colors and brainstorming themes to execute.

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