Melanie Harrington Capstone

For my capstone I decided to make a fitness patch program that girl scouts of all ages could earn. There aren’t many patches dedicated to fitness and health that girls could explore.Fitness is something that I find very important and I wanted to give others the opportunity to learn about it. I created two sets of requirements for girls to follow depending on their ranking (Brownie, Junior, Cadette, etc.). I then put these requirements into action by conducting an event with the girls at one of our weekly meetings. Everyone who participated will be given a patch for their hard work. I learned a lot through this project, like how to plan events and how to work with children of all ages. I think the girls that I worked with really enjoyed themselves and learned valuable things about exercise and taking care of their body.

Below are the requirements for the Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts that I created.

Fitness Is Fun Patch Program

Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Patch Requirements: Must complete at least 8 requirements (3 skill builders, 3 technology, 1 career exploration, 1 service project)

Skill Builders

  1. Learn how to do two new exercises for each of the following body parts: calves, thighs, abs, and arms. Incorporate these into a fitness routine of your choosing and add some cardio work as well. Cardio exercises may include jumping jacks, high knees, and zumba.  

  2. What is self-esteem? Research the way exercise and fitness has an effect on a person’s self-esteem. Do people typically feel better after they exercise? Why or why not? Share your findings with a group.

  3. Being fit is more than physical. There are a lot of mental aspects that tie into fitness. Research 3 different mental disorders that benefit from eating healthy and exercising. How does this help?

  4. Using the right equipment is essential for any activity. They help prevent injury and provide different uses that vary from activity to activity. Choose and research three different sports (these may include running, dancing, gymnastics, etc.) and what equipment they require and why. What injuries do these pieces of equipment prevent?

  5. Yoga is another great way to exercise and stay fit. It promotes both mental and physical health and emotional balance. It can be used as a strengthening exercise and as a way to stretch and elongate your body. Research different kinds of yoga and incorporate them into your fitness routine.

  6. Being fit is more than simply exercising. In order to be truly fit you must find a balance between staying active and eating healthy. Differentiating between what is healthy or not can be really hard. This is what nutrition labels on food packages are for! If you are doing it right, you should be able to eat whatever you want, but in moderation. Find a new healthy snack that you think you will like and try it!


  1. Research different ways that technology is used in sports. Some things to consider are how sports channels broadcast and comment on live sports events, how scoreboards in basketball games are used, and how people use technology to stay up to date with sports.

  2. Research different ways in which technology is used in the running world. How do runners track their progress? How do races time thousands of people all at once? What are some tools that people use to track their diet and exercise?

  3. A person’s heart is one of the most important organs in their body. It is imperative that their heart stays strong and healthy especially when they are engaged in physical activity. What are some different heart conditions and how has technology changed the way we are able to detect them and monitor them?

  4. What are some different types of equipment that a person might see in a gym? What parts of the body do they work?

Service Project

  1. Run a workout clothes drive in your school or girl scout troop and donate them to your local thrift store.

  2. Research the way performance enhancing drugs affect the body. Make posters to hang in your school protesting their use.

  3. Reuse an old running shoe or sneaker as a flower pot to plant something of your choosing. Take care of your plant until it has grown significantly and then plant it in a local garden or park.

  1. Volunteer at a local race for runners/walkers. Pay attention to the type of planning and organization that goes into running an event that large.

Career Exploration

  1. Learn about and research 5 different careers involving fitness. How long do you have to go to school? What are some responsibilities that come with the job? Are these things that seem interesting to you? Share your new information with a group.

  2. Interview a personal trainer at a gym. Ask them how they keep their clients motivated, what techniques and tips they have for working out and staying fit, and how they got to become a personal trainer. Feel free to ask any questions you are interested or curious about.

  3. Read two stories about women who have impacted the world of fitness. What did they do? Why was it significant?

  4. Watch a documentary on a famous Olympian or sports player. What are some obstacles that they faced? How did their dedication affect their current position? What other things factored into being successful?

Below are pictures from my event on May 5, 2015.


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One of the requirements for my patch program is to learn different yoga stretches and to incorporate them into a workout routine of your choosing. I chose this requirement as one of the activities I will be completing with the girls during my event. I’m not very familiar with yoga and this site was one of the first helpful ones I came across. I must admit however that I was skeptical about this sources reliability. Upon doing some research on the American Council on Exercise I found that they were a nonprofit organization that offers fitness certification, education, and training. This source provides different cool down yoga poses that would be great to stretch different parts of the body at the end of a workout.

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WebMD is one of the few medical sites that I can truly rely on. I’ve used this site before in the past to conduct research for multiple classes. It is a very well known site that diligently provides sources for the information published by them. This article gave me great insight on the pros and cons of stretching before and after a workout. They has been a strong controversy recently regarding whether doing  static stretches before a workout is the best thing for you. This article has taught me something new about stretching that I can and will share with/teach the girls during my event.

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Whenever I conduct research I am always wary about different websites that may come up in my google search. This blog was one of them. I don’t normally put a lot of trust into homemade blogs and websites because they’re just not very reliable sources. They’re often filled with more opinion than fact, never cite their sources, and it’s hard to connect the site back to a publisher/author. However, this source has proved to be useful by providing me with detailed descriptions and pictures of yoga poses that would be perfect to include in my event. The poses on here are unique from any other source I have used and all of the information on this blog was corroborated with other sources of information.

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Over the years girl scouting has changed a lot of things. For example, their badge books. It’s hard to keep up with all of the new changes, especially if you are accustomed to the old ways. One of these revolutionary ideas that the Girl Scouts have come up with is to promote more empowerment to women as opposed to their physical and mental wellbeing. This patch is one of the very few new fitness patches I could find in any of the badge books, including the ones or the younger girls. This patch was created by the Girl Scouts of the USA and I completed this badge as a senior myself. I found some of the activities in here helpful for finding things to add to my event while still planning. This source challenges girls to get moving and create their own workout routines and sports events.

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This was another badge in the newer badge books that proved to be helpful. Because I am

creating and running my own patch program, I needed to think about how I was going to design the event/requirements and how I was going to get badges. This section in the Ambassador badge book is walks you through step by step the process it takes to complete and earn a badge. This gave me an idea of how to set up my patch requirements for each age level and I was able to find a website that enabled me to order or design my own patches.

Mezzaroba, Isabella, Nia Godwin, and Haley Arici, comps. Ambassador Troop #97234. 29

Jan. 2015.

I have been a girl scout for 12 years. During this time I have made a lot of friends, all of whom have supported me in any endeavors that I have had prior to this capstone idea. We’ve planned to teach at patch programs before for younger girls but we have never been left in charge to plan the actual program itself. From my experience teaching at these patch programs, I know that I’m going to need to enlist the help of my fellow girl scouts to set up, clean up, gather the girls, run different activities, etc. I can’t handle 44 first graders on my own for two hours straight. These three girls have agreed to help me when the time comes to carry out my event.  

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One of the skill builders in my patch requirements is to learn about a healthy snack and

then try it. This is one of the experiences that I will be giving these girls during the event. Some of the girls in each troop are allergic to peanut butter so in order to ensure that everyone can get a healthy snack that provides protein, salt, and carbs, I researched different healthy snacks that don’t catin any peanut butter. This PDF is from a school district in Ohio and it lists the nut-free snacks that the school provides its children. This gave me the idea of giving the girls cheese sticks and pretzels.

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I have used the Huffington Post when conducting research for english papers and other various assignments. I find that popular news papers like this one tend to be filled with reliable information. In this article, I learned about different full body stretches to do before a workout. This source not only provided me with ideas on how to stretch at the beginning of a workout, but it told me that dynamic stretching is a lot better for your body before a workout as opposed to static stretching. It also explains that dynamic stretching moves full groups of muscles at a time to get the moving.

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I have known Barb Sindoni for about 9 years and she’s been a girl scout leader for close

to 30. Her knowledge on the ways of scouting is far beyond anything I have experienced in my 12 years of girl scouting. I picked Barb Sindoni to be my mentor for my Capstone as well. She really knows her stuff when it comes to girl scout protocol and has a lot of experience with dealing with girls of all ages and planning events for them. I sat down with her in a meeting this past week and we discussed the next steps of my project. She provided me with useful tips and information on where to take my project from here.

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Joycrest is the website I will be using to order my patches once my patch program is over. Every girl who participates will receive one patch that I have specially chose for my event. I know a lot of people who have used this website before and when I began asking where I can find a place to get patches, Joycrest kept popping up. This source gives me a wide array of categories to choose from when picking a patch. I can order in bulk and the price changes for each patch depending on how many I order at a time. This is a great resource to get the rewards that my hardworking girls will deserve. This website also allows me to personally customize any patch of my choosing.

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