Memoir Vignette

Quarter 2 BM(Memoir Vignette)-we had to pick a situation when we had a realization in our lives.


      9:00 pm: I hear my mom yelling “What were you thinking?” “ Give me your wallet and your keys”My brother hits my father , my mom tries to break up the fight and that was just the beginning of the worst to come that night. Then my dad says  “You know what , you think you’re a man? Get your stuff and get out”. I tried to hold Romare back ,  while he tries to pack up his things , while my parents still yell at him for how stupid he is. He tried to leave but I kept on pulling him back while I cried my eyes out. He pushed me away .I look at him as he left and thought about a holding a grudge for sometime , because he pushed me on purpose and he didn’t even look back , I felt sad and abandoned.

     As I was still thinking about the day before I got dressed while my dad kept on  calling my brother’s name  so he could wake up for school, each time my brother never answered, I started to get worried, because at this time my brother should be at school.  After the fourth time, my dad walked up the wooden , creeky stairs to the third floor where my brother’s room was at, all of a sudden my dad yelled and tells my mom to hurry up stairs. My mom and I stopped what we were doing ran up the stairs and see my brother laying on his bed, seeing that he threw up what he had for dinner. My mom got her phone goes in to the other room and called the police panicing and telling them what has happened to my brother Romare. The police were being complicated with my mom so my dad takes the phone away from my mom and tells the police our address and tells them to hurry up, with an ambulance.

   The ambulance finally came all I could do was panic and cry. My mom went with my brother and my dad stayed with me . I told my dad that I wanted to go to school, that maybe it would take my mind off of everything,

   When my dad dropped me off at school I sat at my regular spot at school with my friends, I was feeling ok, until my best friend, Majuel came to school, said hi to me, and I decided to tell her what happened that morning. As I told her, I started crying, everyone, stared and started to ask me what was wrong. A couple of my friends walked me to the counselor, Ms.Cocer.

     When my friends and I arrived at the counselors office , I tried to tell her what  happened , but I stared to cry all over again. She let me call my dad , when I call my dad says that my brother , is ok   and that when he picks me up I can go visit him at Einstein hospital.  After the phone call I felt much better. When lunch came around I thought about how lucky my brother is and how lucky I was to not lose my brother.

  At 3:00pm I rushed out of school see my dads Volvo , and hop in , without saying bye to my friends. I was too eager to see my brother.  As my dad was driving us to the Einstein hospital to visit my brother I asked him how Romare was holding up. He said that he is doing fine and that if we had taken any longer to find out that something was wrong that he would of died.

  My dad and I arrive at the Einstein hospital we enter go to large front desk told the woman my brothers name “Romare Hooks” and she told us his new room number. When we came to his room I saw him laying in the bed he looked tired , but he looked happy to see me. I hugged him tightly he looked at me and apologized about the other night and of course I forgave him.

  As I was sitting in the corner while my family members were talking to my brother , I thought to myself that I was honestly fortunate to still have him in my life alive. I thought about my grudge and how this morning I thought about not talking to him for a while. This whole day changed my perspective on grudge holding one day you hold a silly grudge on a person you love and the next there lives could be taken away. There will be more good sunny days between my brother and I know now not to hold grudges.  You never know when your loved ones life will be taken away from you. Life is too short to hold grudges