Memoir Vignette

Now, during this quarter i had to create a memoir vignette on one of the greatest moments that i had during my life time and talk about it in a very detailed vignette. So, below is the story.

 The best day of my life.

Ring ring…… ring ring…. Ring ring…


“Who is this? “

 “Get up, its time…”


-Sigh- I remember this as if it happen yesterday… It was December 22, 2009 12:32 pm eastern standard time in the afternoon. I was sleeping in my twin size bed under my dark green sheets and lying on my soft and cozy dark green matching pillow. My brother was sleeping on the floor like a passed out drunk, the room was dark and cold. The phone kept ringing and ringing. My brother and me got really annoyed. I threw my pillow at the phone and it fell, sadly it didn’t shut up. So I get up in anger and picked up the phone like how a Rican is when he’s hungry and there is no food to feed himself (trust me, that get us really angry): humor. I picked up the phone and yelled, “Who in the world is this!!! It’s 12:33 in the afternoon yet you call what can possibly be so important that you must call! Who got shot? Who’s bleeding gallons and gallons of blood? What the hell! Are you this damn mentally challenge!” I breathe and waited for the caller to respond and…. All of a sudden you hear death it self, an angry Puerto Rican lady on the phone talking louder than the Phillies game was when they won the world series: simile and cursing more than a sailor metaphor in Spanish. “Look, calm down alright it’s your mother, shut up and get dress. I’ll be there in 20 minutes so hurry up or you’ll starve” So, I sigh and hung up. Next thing you know, the phone rings again to her screaming, “why didn’t you say good-bye!” I said good-bye and hung up like a gentlemen from the 1970’s. –Humor and simile-


I went to wake up my brother lazy self and he hits me. I called him some bad things and leave. So, I brush my teeth and got dressed and fix my amazing and sexy hair. I took like 40 hours fixing my hair making it exactly how I wanted it. Shining it and making it as awesome as hair can be. I walked down stairs and sat on the sofa and realized “oh god wait, if mom ever caught me sitting on her sixty thousand dollar sofa she would run me over with the car in repeated attempts” humor- I sat on the floor and waited like a good boy. I looked at the clock and it read “1:20pm standard eastern time” I turn on the 52 inc Sony high definition black TV and watched a beautiful and touching Spanish soap opera. Next thing you know “1:45pm standard eastern time” note 20 minutes had gone by. I got up and walked over to the kitchen and there was nothing there just like my stomach. I walked back in anger and waited. Next thing you know, it’s “2:10pm standard eastern time” I got my dark gray t-mobile gravity t touch screen phone and unlocked it opening up the contact list looking for my mother’s number and dialed the number in anger. I waited and waited for her to pick up and she doesn’t. I sigh and walk outside to get the mail. But I forgot that the door was locked. So I got the mail and try to open the door. Sadly, it’s locked. I knock and I knock and I knock so my brother would hear me but he’s still asleep. So I walked around the back and see if the doors open and nope, it’s locked.  I get so angry and threw the mail. I realize that those are the bills and if my mom found out that they were on the floor getting wet and dirty she would kill me… so I quickly picked them up and clean them up and hold them with care and waited hoping my mom gets me. I tried to open the window and success! It opens. I get in like a thief getting inside that store down the street at night simile. And there, my brother is there with a deadly broom and his face filled with anger for waking him up. My heart freezes, hoping he doesn’t hit me with it. He hits me with it.. I tell him “dude, its me calm down calm down” he says “that’s for waking me up stupid!” he leaves and I sit on the floor. I tell myself “what a jerk” then.



I hear the car’s beep and I slowly walk out in pain. I open the door of the blue Honda civic mugen si is waiting outside. I open the door and get in to a screaming woman. “What toke you so long I waited like a minute for you to get in boy, damn!” I sigh and respond to “sorry mom” we drove off and she turns up the music like a million volume bars: hyperbolae up almost blowing my eardrums. Next thing you know. Were at the store that only gods go to “BEST BUY!!!” I get all happy like a kid is when he or she is eating a jumbo ice cream cone. I jump up and down on my seat as I say “mom mom mom mom what cha going to get me huh mom huh” she hits me in the back of the head and tells me to get out… I’m still happy and run inside and look around. She tells me to look around. I look around and like 20 mins later my mom comes and says the water that brought tears to my eyes. “Aidan, get a ps3 box and a cheap game and at that moment. My heart stops and I fell to the floor on my knees. She tells me to get up and stop embarrassing her so I ran to the game section and there. There lies the system of the gods. The sexiest console ever to touch by man. I spend like 60 hours trying to pick out the perfect and best looking box. Hyperbolae I picked up the Sony entertainment play station 3 box and music of the gods begins to play in my head, as I see nothing but happiness and joy. I carry the 60-pound box and once again I spend like 40 hours trying to pick out a game hyperbolae. I then picked out the best game ever to be created, yes, im talking about METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS TACTICAL ESPIONOGE ACTION FOR PS3 ONLY BLUE RAY HIGH DEFINATION GAME PLAY tears of joy fall down my cheek and I happily and carefully pick up the game as if it was a trillion dollars. I walk up to my mom almost crying and she pays for the things at the check out counter.



Even though it’s heavy, I carry them by myself to the Honda civic si mugen and hop in. My mom looks happy and so am I. I tell her “thanks mom I love you” she tells me “stop kissing up Aidan” and I smile and look away. Just as I though it couldn’t get any better. We get to burger king and I can get what ever I want. I kiss my mothers cheek and she smacks me. I get a large number 6 with a large DR. Pepper and large fries. As I get the food I reach for a fir and my mom says “boy, touch the fir and I’ll kill you (she hates people eating in her car) So I wait almost close to a heart attack. We get home and I run faster than the flash to my room. I open up the box of the ps3 and I get happy in so many ways. I hook up the system and I have tears of joy and my heart races of how sexy the game is. I pop in mgs4 and I get ready to have my heart and head exploded by the beauty. I wait and wait and bam!!!!!!! There was the legendary hero solid snake smoking a cigarette all-awesome and what not. I wait for the game to load and I play the first mission. The controller is just so sexy and smooth and black and soft and the game is perfect and the sounds, graphics everything is godly amazing. I wasn’t that happen since the time I got my ps2. So, as I play the game im just so happy and I say to my self “is this what heaven feels like?”  I continue to play for the rest of the day and at exactly 4am I got knocked out holding my ps3 controller in my hands. So I think that that’s about it about me and the day that I got my ps3 and mgs4 copy.  So as you can obviously see you should know that my realization is that you can never know how a day will turn out to be. So thank you for your time and thank you for reading. ^,..,^



The creator of this amazing story is Aidan Rios. From red stream on January 10, 2011 11:20pm