Memoir Vignette

Intro: This is my life experience


The Day My Life Changed . . .


            Last year my life changed forever. It was during the summer, around the beginning of school. I went to visit my boyfriend not knowing what would happen minutes later. I arrived there at normal time, twelve noon. We did the usual met up, hug, and talk. As we were to his house, I could tell that today would not be the same. His attitude was more happier and more mischievous. Also there was a change in route, we were just walking through alleyways which was abnormal. My heart was beating like a drum but I kept quiet. We finally arrived reached his house, I was no longer comfortable in his presence but as usual I kept quiet to see what was to happen.

While the movie was playing we were just sitting there, talking, and laughing like old times. Nothing out of the ordinary, but then he began to touch me more then the normal. The feeling of uncomfortabliness came rushing back for the second time but once again I ignored it. I thought going along with it would make it better but it didn’t actually made it worse. After about two minutes I pushed him off, I kept getting further and further. Honestly, that was the dumbest thing I could have done, he groped me and threw me on the ground. Before I hit the ground I hit the glass circular table headfirst. That didn’t stop him; it actually made him smile and chuckle.

Once, I was on the ground, half way unconscious there was absolutely nothing for me to do but kick. While the beating started, I was crying like a baby without milk. After unsuccessful attempts of getting him off me, he went to my face, but busted it up terribly. That was just the beginning through, the worse hasn’t started yet. After all the blood and tears the harassment began. He began to feel up my shirt and tried to unzip my pants. Because I was barely able to walk there wasn’t much I could to get him off me. He was just there on top of me feeling all over me nothing I could do at that moment I just wanted to die. I started to think the worse things ever, but the biggest thing was “rape”. His smile that shone like the sun scared me instead of bringing me joy. As the tears were rolling down I realized that I shouldn’t let some boy take my precious gift from me, with all my force and might I tried to kick him. After a few attempts I finally got him off of me.

I ran to the door fast as lightning. I made it out the door to Godfrey but he caught up to me and pushed me into the street, almost getting myself hit by a car. People just walking by saying or doing nothing.  The only option I had left was to fight him, so I did just that. He beat me down once again, but one kick to his “private area”, he was done. While he was lying on the ground, I tried to get up as fast as I could, but the fact that I was barely able to walk made it difficult. After like three minutes I finally got up, and sprinted to the nearest pay phone and called my best friend. She came to my rescue.

To this day my mother doesn’t know what happened to me that day, I am afraid to tell her due to my past ways. She might not believe me and think that is what I wanted just to get attention. So I decided to keep it between him and I. I never regretted anything more than this but there is nothing I can do now. September 13 2010 will always be remembered.