Michael Ing Capstone

For my Capstone, I wanted to teach people about Lab-grown Meat and the advancements they have made in their product. The goal in mind was to teach people as well as get their opinions on it at the same time, to do this I created a website that had information about LGM that I thought to be important. I also created a survey that would help me get an idea of what people already knew about LGM and how they felt about it. When creating the website, I had to be mindful of how I worded things because I wanted to avoid portraying the wrong tone. I wanted to make sure I didn’t sound too opinionated because it might make people close-minded, Afterall my goal wasn’t to persuade them but to inform them. The survey helped me to figure out what things I should leave in and out of the website, and that was important to me because I didn’t want it to be too confusing for anyone reading it. I chose to make my Capstone to be about Lab-grown Meat because it is fascinating to me that technology like that even exists, along with that I think it has a lot of potentials to be something that could help us cut down the demand for livestock.


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