Michal's Slide

Soccer (1)
 Soccer has been with me ever since I was a young boy. I think I learned to kick a ball before I learned to speak words. That has lead me to create a slide involving soccer. As you can see, I’ve formatted the slide using the rule of thirds by adding the foot and soccer ball in one corner and the quote in the top left. This allows the focus of your eyes to draw into the composition instead of just glancing at the center. I also put some empty space to achieve a more balanced look in my slide and use the empty space (or night sky) to my advantage. I even made the foot bleed off of the page to really add more “umph” and only focused on the foot itself since that’s what the quote is about. The quote I placed in is from soccer legend Zinedine Zidane (who is one of my idols) and it really connects with me because it teaches me to be grateful for what I have even if things don’t go well for me in life, whether that’s in sports or in schoolwork. I put it in EB Garamond font because I found out that most people use that font when writing quotes. The font color itself is white so that it can contrast with the black background and catch the viewer's eye easily. 

All of these steps have allowed me to attempt at making a professional slide. This whole experience has really taught me a lot about slide design. Before this assignment, I legit didn't know about most of these tricks, and now that I know about them I can see how it improves the look on my slide. I'm definitely going to be viewing billboards and ads differently from now on. My whole perspective on designs has completely changed, and it will help shape bigger and better projects in the future.