Microscopy Project: Ben Fink

Inquiry: When I completed this project with a group, we wanted to know how the cells of different kingdoms of organisms are organized and to see the similarities and differences between all of the kingdoms.

Research: We organized our information by using the microscope to examine the cells of each kingdom and found internet sources to distinguish each kingdom.

Collaboration: I was part of a community because I helped to gather up the necessary information and I described a few of the kingdoms.

Presentation: I think that our presentation was effective because we used photographs of the cells to emphasize what we learned.

Reflection: If I were to complete this project again, I might use organisms that can be seen without a microscope instead of micro-organisms.

Link To Microscopy Portfolio: https://docs.google.com/a/scienceleadership.org/presentation/d/1O8fysgEvxpia6P2i3rsJX4tUA5Yt_xP0LURfvMe8spo/edit