Mikes Slide Presentation

My name is michael. This slide is made the way it is because ithis is my personality. Most of the things I do are based on what i know people will do. It also reflects my humor. i am verry “look, its nothing!” kind of person. this slide is who I am and thats why it looks the way it does.

Dont Look down 1
new slide 1

Comments (8)

Kristina Scalia-Jackson (Student 2016)
Kristina Scalia-Jackson

I noticed that you decided to make the color of your slide pop out a lot more on your new slide. I wonder if the dark color of the bottom words might go more unnoticed . What if you made the words at the bottom a more upbeat color. But I really like the new slide.

Nebil Ibrahim (Student 2016)
Nebil Ibrahim

I notice how your slide tricks the audience. I wonder if you could have better contrast with a different shade of red. What if the you included a picture of yourself looking silly to show more personality.

Rafi Hares (Student 2016)
Rafi Hares

What if you had the color scheme revolve around white and black more. I notice how attention grabbing this picture is. I wonder if you could have done to make the pictures less pixelated.