Miles Menasion SLA Anyway 5k 2022

The SLA AnyWay 5k was started in 2020-2021 by Ethan Chen, a former SLA Students Run member. In hosting the second annual race, my hope was to establish the AnyWay 5k as a yearly event. To build off of last year’s race, I held an in person race in addition to the virtual event. I kept participation free in order to foster an inclusive and accessible race and, like last year, gave every runner who completed the race a medal. Money raised from shirts and donations went to the SLA Home and School Association, who will use it for freshman mini-courses next year. See the numbers below:

The main challenge with planning this race was reigning in its scope. With the help of my mentor, I was able to eliminate expectations of needing chip timing, or large event permits. After creating a more realistic plan for my race, I started by pursuing funding from Braskem for shirts, medals, a timing system, as well as for food and water at the event. After receiving full funding, I began advertising the race on RunSignup and Instagram. My goal was to reach new participants, as well as participants from last year’s race. I also put up posters around the school with scannable QR codes. Leading up to the race, I held three group runs, open to all race participants. For the in person race, I marked a course from Lloyd Hall to about 2.5 km out. Runners would turn around at this halfway point and cross the finish line where they started, receiving their medal, a bottle of water, and a soft pretzel.


I designed this poster during my capstone marketing campaign. These were put up during report card conferences with the hope that parents would see them and sign their kids up for the race. I used a QR code to make it easy for people to access registration, and placed the poster strategically in the stairwells and hallways.

   ^^^RunSignup, Instagram, Shirts, and Medals^^^

Runsignup is the website that Ethan and I used for race registration, as it allows the user to integrate virtual racing into a 5k event. The race was mainly advertised on the Anyway 5k Instagram, which features photos from group runs, and the in person race. The shirts were ordered from custom ink, and feature the race logo on the front, and Braskem logo on the back. The medals were ordered from Crown Awards, using the same design as last year, with no date printed on them. This is so that uncollected medals can be reused across years.

   ^^^Braskem Pitch^^^

This is the original Braskem funding pitch. It features 3 separate funding levels, based on participation, for shirts, medals, food, water, and a timing system. This setup was based on Ethan’s pitch, allowing me to compare and contrast this year’s funding to last year’s during my pitch presentation. This also allows Braskem to get a better understanding of how their funding will be used based on how many participants show for the race.

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