One of the most intriguing projects of the year for me was the SFP. This is because it was self instituted and I enjoyed watching myself grow independently. My SFP was really interesting because it was all question based. One day I was looking at the wall around my grandmother’s radiator and saw that a lot of the paint was peeling. I then went home and looked at my radiator and saw that none of the paint was peeling. This sparked my interests so it became my SFP. The internet was my best friend with researching and also real life observations. I did not co-work on any SFP projects but I did gain advice from a lot of members of my community.  I think my presentation was simple and sweet. The information was laid out placidly and it made it very easy to understand. If I were to do something differently then I would be more accurate with the data factors of my experiment. Overall, I thought I was very effective with achieving my goals in this project.