The most interesting project that I completed this entire year was the SFP water filtration and the follow up water filtration experiment in class. 

Inquiry: Before I started these experiments I wanted to know how to filter the river water using biotic filters. The reason I wanted to know this is because half of Philadelphia’s drinking water comes from the Schuylkill River. If we can find out how to improve the water using renewable sources then it will be very time and money efficient. 

Research: For research my partner and I explored plants and their root systems. We did this to understand why and how plants were excellent filters. When researched we found out that plants’ roots absorbed nutrients, phosphates, nitrates, and didn’t add any excess matter. We also researched turbidity levels and the normalcy levels for different water systems. We then looked at pH levels. 

Collaboration: In terms of collaboration I had a partner for the SFP, and then worked with my table group for the in class water filtration. My partner and I worked side by side the entire time together. For the in class experiment, my group all worked on different jobs to make the results come together. We even did the experiment again to retest the results and to add some components. I also collaborated with Mr. Sherif to help with the science behind the experiment. I had a couple of peer editors for my SFP writeup. 

Presentation: For my presentation I made a slideshow for the SFP with my partner. For the in class lab I wrote the data in my lab data book. For the SFP my partner and I also presented it to fellow classmates and scientists. 

Reflection: When I was reflecting I was thinking about the possible errors I made and future modifications. For modifications on my SFP I would use different types of plants for filtration. I would do this because from my research I learned that plants were the most effective natural filters so I would like to find the best plant for the river.