Minimum Wage in Pennsylvania

Did you know that the minimum wage in America is $7.25 an hour? Meaning that you make just over $15,000 a year for 2080 hours of work. And in Philadelphia, that is nowhere near the estimated minimum amount needed to live off of. According to the Huffington Post, you would need to make just under $60,000 to support a family in Philadelphia and $15,000 certainly isn’t enough. America ranks 11th in the world for the highest minimum wage according to OECD. Australia's minimum wage is over $15 an hour and 80% of the country makes over 5% more than the minimum wage.

The 2017 minimum wage by state in the United States. Pennsylvania is tied with many other states for the lowest minimum wage.

Pennsylvania is 1 of 3 states who host one of the 10 largest cities in America who have the minimum possible wage. When growing up and going to inter-city schools, I notice how some kids can’t go out with their friends, because they don’t have the money to. The government is limiting the amount of money people can make, and it is causing children to be unhappy with their lives. Everybody deserves to spend time with their friends, to go get pizza or see a movie.

Chart of the current minimum wage and the future of the US minimum wage. Source: US Gov.

When a father figure isn’t around, it is difficult to support a family when you have to take care of your children and also work. According to The Heritage Foundation, 4.2% of minimum wage workers are single parents. That is around 2 million people in the US.

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