Mining For Hope

Alejandra, the wife of a trapped miner and mother of a worrying son
Pablo, the son of the miner who is trapped in the mine
Carlos, a father/husband who is trapped in the mine who has to put food on the table for his family

Mining For Hope

Act I, Scene I

(Pacing back and forth outside of her house concerned about her trapped husband, contemplating what she will do without him.)

...Why? Why would this happen to me?
I mean it happened to him.
But you know what I mean, I know it’s happening to my husband, but he is a part of me
I love him, he brings in the money. I mean, that’s not the important reason, he also is...just there for my son and I....I can’t even contemplate what it would be like...down the dark...
all you have is your mining hat with the light that might run out anytime soon.
He had told me before that this sorta thing might happen but I never actually expected for him to be trapped.

(pauses for a couple seconds to look at the bright side)

But hey, at least there are other people down there to cope with him
I hope they all can get along and just survive until they are rescued

(She stops and a tear rolls down her cheek.)

if they are rescued.

(starts pacing again with more vigor)

I haven’t told little our little Pablo what has happened to his papi.
Should I tell him? It would make him worry a lot. He wouldn’t be able to pay attention in school.
He does need to know...right?

(Picks up a picture of her husband and son playing together and looks at it longingly.)

Act I, Scene II

(sitting on a ragged couch, on the verge of tears)

W-W-Where’s dad? Did he leave us?
Did he lose his way and get lost or something?
I-I-Is-Is he...d-dead?...NO! He can’t be dead. He’s the strongest man in the whole world
He said that he would never let anything happen to me
Mommy said that we both might have to get a job
I’ve never worked before...and I’m only 9 years old! What can I do? I will always mess up everything.
Will I have to work as someones servant, or...or as a slave?
I hate meeting new people too.

(Starts to pull himself together and is gaining confidence again.)

Do other kids that are my age even THINK about working?
The guy that I would work for would probably yell at me all the time, and what I’d do would never be good enough for him.
What would my papi think of me doing work for some random person that I don’t even know? Would he be okay with it?
When will he be home so that I don’t have to get a job?
I know that he will be able to get back. Especially since I’m here, he should be back so he can protect me from all the bad guys out there.

Monologue Video - Large

Act I, Scene III

(Standing against the inside of the mine in darkness talking to a fellow miner who is sitting on the ground a couple feet away)

Do I have anyone that I want to see when I get out?
Of course I do. I have my beautiful wife Alejandra, and my wonderful little son, Pablo.
What? Are you serious? That is horrible.
I mean thats your choice and I don’t have the right to judge but they are going to find out when we get out of here. Your wife is going to be angry, I would assume.

I know that that is your business but I think it’s wrong to cheat on your wife.
And yes we are going to get out of here. It is no matter of if we get out, it’s when we get out.
You need to think positive.

What do you mean that never works?

Well that’s because you didn’t have a positive thought about it from the beginning. I know everything doesn’t happen the way you want it to, but the key is to stay positive through the worst of times.