5 Minutes of Science : Dangers of Alcohol in College

This semester in Science and Society  a major part of our class was dedicated to a "5 minutes of science" presentation, usually followed by a class discussion. The goal was for each student to work on this short project alone and present at the beginning of class, one per day. Each student was given a presentation day at the beginning of the semester and then we were on our own from there. The project was entirely open ended. All we had to do is pick any topic in science that interest us and describe the science behind the topic, how it relates to society, and why we chose the topic to begin with. Considering we are all young adults about to go off to college, I decided to do my topic on the dangers of drinking in college. The idea sparked when I heard about a group of young student scientists who were experimenting to prevent some of the dangers that happen to young women when socially drinking. The slideshow I presented ti the class is included below.