Boy: You’re a punk

Girl: uuummm, why can’t you leave me alone?

Boy : Why are you so ugly?

Girl: (Starts to cry)

Boy: See your nothing but A Punk!!

Girl: (Gets up and….)



            Yes , this might seem as a simple teasing method that most kids go through. But just because it is simple doesn’t mean that it can become something that is serious. Some parents may think it’s phase that their kids will grow out of it when they are older. Just because they are young, does it mean that it is okay for it to continue happening?


            According to research carried out by the National Education Association, it was projected that around 160,000 children skip schooling every day due to anxiety about violence or bullying.


            You may believe that bullying is more common in schools that are public. Well that’s not true. According to the Bullying and Civility, in Public and Private Schools forum, Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics indicates a more positive result for private schools than for public schools.


            Lately, in the news there has been a video recording of a pre-teen punching the older teenager in the face. Casey Heynes is the victims’ name and is known for being a hero for his self -defense. Richard is the young bully. Both where suspended for both of there actions. A lot of the Americans who have heard this story does not believe that Casey should have been suspended for sticking up for his self.


            Bullying is a violent movement that if it’s not handle properly the child could grow up wanting to bully other adults when older. It can become more of a illness then a evil way.  Check out this fact: "Say, you visited a school with a population of 800. It is also yet another bullying fact that one out of 7 is either a bully or a target. Say, we opt for the initial one. You will find 114 sets of 7 out of 800. Which means, it may very easily be believed that out of 800 people in school, 16 of these can easily turn out to obtain a criminal history by age 30." 16 might seem as a low number, but if we think about every school in our nation and added it up it could be a thousand to a billion.


            Adults need to realize that children need them growing up. Having a kid is not easy it takes a lot of time and patience to take care of a baby. When they grow up they need guidance and love to make the right decisions.  If you can’t then handle the hard work due to being a parent then maybe you should get knocked up as a mother or caught up as father.


            According to the Bullying Statistics 2009, Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it.



So I ask you again do we stop it where it first starts or do like it go through a “Phase”?