Yo …How many times do I need to call you to get your ass down here to eat, huh? ...Noon, uhh, don’t talk back at me… I have been calling you for the past 10 minutes, I should not have to call you a trillion times for you to eat! *paused silence* What’s this *sniff sniff* Andrew are you fucking serious! I thought that you’ll be different! Oh my gosh…*pulls weed out* ...S-So this is yours! I thought it was your brother’s. What did you just say? Oh, so it was your brother’s huh? He’ll beat you the fuck up if he finds out that you took his joints! Did you forget about what he did?! He killed the love of my life, your father, because he said your brother couldn’t do drugs. Now he’s suffering in jail for the rest of his life. I won’t allow you to take that path and end up like him! ..Be Quiet!, Let me finish.

Drugs is like an addiction. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. You do it once, then again, and forever. Andrew, be honest. When did you start? A month a-go!? *Starts sobbing

This is all my fault! If I watched you and payed close attention to you, this wouldn’t have happened. It’s all my fault. Your father and I made an agreement together that your brother could not do drugs, but he paid for it since he was home! *Pause* I should’ve been home too. Forget working, I should’ve been home to help out when you needed help the most. I wish that it was not your father and it was me home at that time.*Starts sobbing*  I-I-I just wished that this wouldn't have turn out this way!

You're all I have right now. I can’t lose you too! Look what happened when your father died, I was depressed for a month. I won’t lose you too. You're only 17! You should be hanging out with friends, going to prom and having fun making memories, but instead you’re getting  high as a kite!

Why did you start this? This “drug” business?? Was it your dad? Was it me? C’mon, say something! Talk to me! If it’s dad, then talk to him, visit his grave. He’s a really good listener. So it’s not. What? You started doing this because no one wanted to go to prom with you?!...And I thought that there was a bigger issue!... You should have told me..! I can get a hot chick to go with you, did you forget? I look like I’m only 20! Everyone knows that your dad died but NO one knows that I am your mom. I had always wanted to go to a prom and if you don’t want me to go, I can always get someone for you? Would you do the honor to go to prom with me?. Yass now you're smiling. …But you’re going to have to go to rehab first!

…Why won’t you? You think this is funny!...You got Hookah from your friends not drug? *Shock* ohh my goodness, honeyyy! I’m sorry for making assumptions! I should’ve had known better that the drug was not drug!! The smell of drugs just trigger the memories of your dad and brother which you know that I am unable to hold back. I’m really sorry for making an assumption AGAIN! I should have learned from the last time. *Takes a deep breath* But you should know this, hookah is not that bad just don’t overdo it. It can damage your health even though it seems harmless. *looks at time* Oh my, so much time had passed by! Hurry up and go downstairs to eat, it is almost your bedtime and Andrew, I am really glad that it is not drugs! *Smiles*


Comments (6)

Kawthar Hasan (Student 2018)
Kawthar Hasan

I really like how entertaining yet educational you made out of this. I love this story its really powerful as you listen/read the script. I can really interpret this. Good job!

Israh Mohammed (Student 2018)
Israh Mohammed

I see where the mom is coming from. Her son is in jail because of killing his father because he told him to stop doing drugs. They are really sensitive to her and caused her so much pain. So when she smelled them she immediately assumed it was drugs. She just didn't want her son to end up like his older brother or dead, dead or jail.

Zahirah Poree (Student 2018)
Zahirah Poree

I can connect with this character because there have been assumptions made about me, and then are later regretted because people didn't know the whole story. One specific moment that'll stay with me is when the mother said to her son to go talk to his father because he's a really good listener. The reading of this was really genuine as well because we could hear the emotion behind the voice, and it made the piece even more emotionally effective.

Destiny Patton (Student 2018)
Destiny Patton

I can connect with this character because it's really easy to jump to conclusions when your familiar with the situation. One moment that will stick with me was when the Mom started to feel guilty. I think it's because guilt is such a strong emotion that everyone feels one time of another.

Menduyarka Dennis (Student 2018)
Menduyarka Dennis

I guess I've felt a bit like this character. How they make assumptions and then are corrected later on in the situation.

I guess the part that will stick with me from this would be the moment where the character finds out that it's not actually drugs, but Hookah.

I like how they made it seem really intense in the beginning, but lightened it up with it not actually being drugs, and the mom just making an assumption. It's a really nice, cool twist at the end. Nice Job :D

Paul-Ann Whyte (Student 2018)
Paul-Ann Whyte

I can connect with this character since he is always being misunderstood and I am also misunderstood. One moment that stuck with me with me was Jhazzelle starting to cry. It connects with the audience and makes the audience feel her sadness.