MLong Q1 BM Reflection

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1. How did you group go about making a decision for what to focus on for the project?

We took a topic that would be best backed up with some heavy information and outside sources. We all agreed it was the best topic to talk about also. 

2. 11th grade Essential ? - What is the role of the individual in creating and sustaining change? 

The role in the individual is to try to grab readers attentions and to hold that attention while giving valuable information on why Electoral College should not happen anymore. 

3. How has your understanding of the electoral process and whether or not the US is a democracy evolved during this unit?

My understanding of the electoral process and the US democracy has evolved because through the time we were learning all of the facts, they were fun and I payed attention. Doing the project helped me understand more because I had to learn it to make it interesting and know how to say things to get peoples attention.

4. How did you decide to best relay a message to a national audience with your marketing campaign?

We used facts against Electoral College instead of using other organizations against it. We showed the flaws and made motivational movies and print ads. We also have great papers for people to read giving alot more information on why electoral college should be  banned.