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When you talk about Internet most people know what you are talking about but what lies behind that is a mystery to most of us. On my I.S.P ( stands for internet service provider) which is Verizon, I have a Sony laptop, Macbook pro, Psp, Psp Vita, printer, Ipod, and a smartphone. All together I have seven devices connected to a modem with wireless capabilities. The amount of devices in an average household has increased in the last 5 years, so we should be aware of this process in order to fix any problems we encounter with our devices ourselves.  

Something new that I learned that amazed me is how fast our computer send packages to the web in order for you to receive the information that we need. This is a long process but yet we have advanced so much that is does even take a minute to search something anymore.

One thing that I would advise all people who have wireless connection is to put a password on it because if you don’t there are people out there who can use your internet access for their needs and think about, you pay money for your connection but if you don’t lock it others can use it for free. Also if other people are using your internet it is also going to decrease the speed of your internet.

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AmohamedLucidHomeNetwork (4)